VAT deferral and reduction

Company Director, Michael Chadwick, gives information about the Government's Coronovirus VAT deferral scheme and the measures announced by HMRC to help us get back to work.

Furlough scheme extension and how to apply

Michael Chadwick, founding Director at Chadwick & Company, gives further details about the extension to the Job Retention Scheme.

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme - update

HMRC have updated their guidance on the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS). Here, our founding director, Michael Chadwick, outlines the newly announced changes to the package of support for the self-employed and how we can help with your claim.

Coronavirus cybercriminals attack UK businesses

Online fraudsters are taking advantage of the current COVID-19 crisis, targeting unsuspecting companies with phishing emails, fake websites and sales of fraudulent coronavirus-related items. Company Director, Michael Chadwick, warns businesses to take extra care with their online activities to ensure they do not become victims.

Are you now eligible for Child Benefit payments?

With reductions in incomes due to Coronavirus, individuals who were previously earning too much to claim Child Benefit might now qualify, easing pressure on household budgets.

Tax free homeworking allowance

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, HMRC will agree that employees working from home, as a result of business premises being closed, will become eligible to claim a homeworking allowance tax free.

Job Retention Scheme: open today

The HMRC have officially opened their job retention scheme today. In advance of the opening, the Government announced some important changes:

Job Retention Scheme: how to claim

The most frequent enquiries we have received from clients during this unprecedented period have been the simple questions of ‘what do we need in order to claim the job subsidy’ and ‘when can we expect the money to be made available?’

Business rates holiday and small business grants

Michael Chadwick, founding Director at Chadwick & Company, gives details about a business rates holiday and small business grants now available to companies.

Government support for self-employed

Following last weeks announcement of Government aid to employed individuals, the Chancellor has now announced measures to support the estimated 5 million self employed people in the UK.