The UK's Top Chartered Accountant

It’s been a fantastic year for Chadwick & Company. To round things off for 2019, we are delighted to be rated as the Best Chartered Accountant in the UK and also one of the top ten UK Tax Advisors on Trustpilot.

Capital Gains Tax changes

This blog gives you an outline of capital gains tax and how it may be avoided or deferred. It tells you what your capital gains tax free allowance is and offers effective family business tax planning advice to prevent capital gains tax being a concern. It also describes how capital gains tax may change over the upcoming months.

Healthcare specialist

Introducing Claire Taylor, our healthcare specialist. Claire has extensive experience in the healthcare sector and works with a variety of NHS and non-NHS clients.

Auditors or Accountants?

We are often asked by clients what is the difference between accountants and auditors. The two are very similar and an auditors qualifications are likely to be the same as an accountants qualifications.

Difference between an Accountant and a Chartered Accountant

As a chartered accountancy firm in Manchester we are often asked to explain the difference between an accountant and a chartered accountant, plus the difference between a bookkeeper and accountant.

Construction accountant specialist

Construction is a volatile industry which presents a range of challenges. Company Director, Tracey Connor, is our specialist accountant for the construction industry.

R&D tax relief

There are specific tax rules applicable to companies engaged in research and development. Additional double R&D tax relief could reduce your company’s corporation tax liability or even result in cash back.

Retirement planning

Deciding when to retire can be one of the most difficult decisions many of us will make. If you own your own business, for instance, you’ll need to formulate an ‘exit strategy’, which will be the moment you step aside, hand over the reins to someone else or sell the business.

Manufacturing accountant specialist

The manufacturing sector has unique commercial, accountancy and tax requirements. Company Director, Mike Royle, specialises in strategic financial planning for this sector, covering engineering and its allied industries.

Preparing for Brexit

There is much ongoing uncertainty in the country right now and this has the potential to impact all aspects of our lives, from what we buy, to how we work and travel. Any sort of disruption to the economy, however big or small, will have a knock-on effect to business.