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Helpful software for online accounting

To help you manage your online accounting, there is a range of helpful bolt-on software which can help to improve data entry accuracy and significantly save on bookkeeping time. 

These software packages can be used with all popular online accounting packages for example, QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and FreeAgent.

Bank feeds

What is a bank feed?

A bank feed is an automatic link between your bank and your online accounting software. 

Bank feeds can vastly reduce data entry as they replicate bank entries directly in your accounting software. Transactions can also be automatically matched against invoices to further save on bookkeeping time. They help with accuracy too, as accounts will always reconcile if transactions are fed directly from your bank.

How much is a bank feed?

Bank feeds are free to set up and easy to use. We are happy to help you get started, contact us on 0161 370 9600 for further information. 


What is AutoEntry?

AutoEntry is helpful software that allows you to scan invoices, receipts, expenses or paper bank statements and quickly upload them to your online accounting system. 

Working with a simple app on your mobile phone or a desktop scanner, AutoEntry is a big time saver as it automates data entry. It accurately captures your invoices, receipts, expenses and statements, then after these have been uploaded, it automatically assigns invoices to the correct customer or supplier. Find out more about AutoEntry here.

How much is AutoEntry?

Prices start from just £9 a month for up to 50 invoices. Contact us on 0161 370 9600 for full details about pricing and information on how to get started. 

Go CardlessGo Cardless

What is Go Cardless?

Go Cardless is a global bank debit network which allows you to quickly and simply collect recurring or ad-hoc Direct Debit payments from customers. It is cheaper and more reliable than repeat card payments and enables predictable payments to improve your cash flow. 

Go Cardless allows you to set up Direct Debits to control the date you collect payment. Once a customer is set up, you can collect ad-hoc fees and change existing payment plans. Payment plans can also be assigned to multiple customers. In addition, when you integrate Go Cardless with your online accounting software, it allows you to automatically reconcile invoices, helping to improve accuracy and save on bookkeeping time. Find out more about Go Cardless here.

How much is Go Cardless?

Prices start from just 1% per transaction, capped at just £2. Contact us on 0161 370 9600 for full details about pricing and information on how to get started. 


What is SagePay?

SagePay is a popular payment solution that allows your business to receive payments digitally from an invoice, face to face using card terminals, online or over the phone.

It is the highest rated payment provider on Trustpilot and supports over 50,000 businesses to process millions of secure payments each month. Find out more about SagePay here.

How much is SagePay?

Prices start from just 0.59% per transaction or £13 a month. Contact us on 0161 370 9600 for full details about pricing and set up.

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To find out more about how these software packages can help your business, call our online accounting experts, Chris Street or Jon Hart on 0161 370 9600.