Education and childcare

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Education and childcare

The education and childcare sector has very specific financial requirements. This industry is highly competitive and requires strict compliance with government regulation. To make sure you are fulfilling your obligations, it is vital you work with an accounting firm that is up to date with industry requirements and has expert knowledge of the changes and challenges it faces.

Company Director, Nigel Birtwistle, specialises in accounting for the education and childcare sector. During his 15 years with our sister company and Chadwick & Company, Nigel has built up an extensive client base covering a range of business areas including multiple childcare and educational establishments.

Nigel was appointed as Director in April 2013 and has continued to grow a diverse portfolio of owner managed audit and non-audit clients. He has a wealth of experience in all areas of accounting and taxation, delivering expert guidance to help clients run competitive and successful businesses.