Tax investigation insurance

HMRC tax investigation insurance

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) enquiry activity is more focused than ever before. Investigations are intrusive, costly and time consuming.

As part of our tax planning service we offer tailored advice and guidance to minimise future problems, however, should you be the subject of a tax investigation, we offer specialist insurance to ensure you get the best defence without a fee at the end. Investigations can sometimes last months, so this cover could save you a significant amount.

What does the insurance cover?

Limited companies should plan for a HMRC inspection every 4 – 6 years. If HMRC does raise a dispute, we will stand by your side negotiating on your behalf and representing you at tribunals. Our insurance covers all legal and professional fees up to some of the UK’s highest courts. It can be used to fight points of principal or assist agreements concerning questions of fact.

Our work is funded by the insurance underwriters, giving you peace of mind that you will get our full support during any investigation. We can assist with face to face meetings, relaying correspondence with HMRC on your behalf or researching historical fiduciary matters. Our charge for this extensive insurance is modest and there is no excess to pay.

Why choose us?

We have a broad experience of dealing with HMRC and their investigations, as do our underwriters. We have a long standing relationship with our insurance underwriters and have never failed to have all costs reimbursed, regardless of whether the client has been exonerated.

We offer tax investigation insurance to both new and existing clients. To find out more about HMRC insurance or to get a quote, email or call us on 0161 370 9600

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